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VoIP technology has significantly driven down the costs of domestic termination services. However, it is still not all that easy to find the right carrier for your need for quality services at the right price to a certain city, lata, NPA-NXX or wireless provider. GWT provides you with multiple options for your needs so a new partner is always at your fingertips. Find and compare carrier class, retail grade domestic termination services and carriers on the Domestic Termination landing page to help meet the demanding needs of your customers. Whether you are a carrier looking to buy or sell or an agent/broker looking for new services to buy or sell, you can find it here. Our “Deal of the Day” allows you to fill up your capacity instantly and our filtering system lets you find carriers by territory or territory by carrier. Finally, our “Provider of the Week” and “Provider of the Month” gives providers an excellent opportunity to promote their company to thousands of potential customers every day.

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