Wholesale Origination Services or Carrier Services has been a big business for facilities-based telecommunications carriers for over 25 years. Telecommunications carriers fall into two categories and can either be a 1) Retail carrier or 2)  Wholesale carrier of 3) both.   While wholesale carriers offer 100% of their network or services for resale or lease, retail carriers may offer none or only a portion of their own network for wholesale business.  Gross margins on wholesale services are typically much lower than those of retail services but revenues generated on wholesale services can be much higher.
The increased reliability and popularity of VoIP technology has resulted in a significant reduction of rates and gross margins of all voice traffic over the last ten years but has also driven traffic volumes exponentially especially with international long distance calling because it is now much more affordable for businesses and consumers.  VoIP technology has created much competition and the additional features and functionality has stimulated more demand for DID (Direct Inward Dial) numbers.  Not only do VoIP customers need more DID's but they also want to port or keep their existing numbers. Wholesale origination service providers can provide services not only in the United States but can also help you access thousands of numbers in over 60 countries around the world.  VoIP technology makes this process much easier and provides significant cost savings for carriers. 
VoIP has also eliminated geographic boundaries and made it much easier and faster for carriers to interconnect to one another.  Installation intervals for international services has been reduced from 2-3 months to 2-3 days because of VoIP technology.  In addition, it is much less expensive to connect to other carriers today.  Back in the 90's, it would would literally cost thousands of dollars to connect to an overseas carrier for wholesale purposes while today, the only cost might be an incremental cost in the bandiwdth at your switch site.  Using VoIP technology for origination services, carriers can now provide services to customers around the world where it was virtually impossible ten years ago.
GWT is an excellent forum for you to find and do business with carriers as both customers and suppliers all over the world.  This process is much faster and cheaper with GWT.   Our search filters are a convenient way to find carriers in a given country.  Finally, there are several pricing models available for wholesale origination services so be sure to use information on the GWT marketplace to find the right deal for your company.