I am very happy to announce the official worldwide launch of (GWT).  The idea for GWT came to us last year and we have spent the last several months developing the website.  GWT is an advertising supported information and comparison website.  It is not an exchange or platform for business transactions.  GWT is simply a forum to facilitate introductions and business relationships.  Trade shows and conferences are great ways to learn about new products and suppliers but it is impossible and expensive to attend all of them.  You will quickly find that GWT is a much more cost effective option for keeping current on the latest technology, services and suppliers.
GWT serves as a global online marketplace for telecom and cloud related service and equipment providers and agents to meet one another and do business.  It is a way for an agent to find the ideal carrier half way around the world for a service that they want to sell.  It is a way for two carriers that never knew the other existed to form a bilateral and wildly successful partnership.  We are confident that GWT will present a unique marketing opportunity for our advertisers to promote their services at the wholesale and agent levels on a global basis.  We have an initial distribution of approximately 50,000 industry contacts that we have introduced to the site.  In addition, we will have a quarterly newsletter to keep all of our subscribers abreast of all of the great services and products available from GWT partners.
We have partnered with BizX, a leading digital media company that owns dozens of websites with significant success in the VoIP space including the following sites:
In addition, BizX provides incredible SEO expertise to the table which will guarantee high search engine rankings and bring additional visitors to our site to learn about our partners.  Advertising opportunities are available now and promise to provide positive ROI’s very quickly by attracting both wholesale customers and agents to our advertisers.  The principals of GWT have extensive digital media and telecom experience and we look forward to working with you to help bring business to your doorstep!
We hope that you share our excitement for this new endeavor and look forward to providing our advertising partners and visitors with a long-term and valuable service!
Scott Goodwin
Managing Partner